Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Vogue Paris – “Le Noir Partie 4”

A femme fatale is a mysterious and seductive woman who uses her charms and feminine wiles to ensnare her victims in order to gain what she wants from them. Black is probably the… Continue reading

Vogue Paris – “Le Noir Partie 3”

Theda Bara is a an American actor of the silent film era who was once known as “The Vamp”. Not only is it because of her looks that made her a sex symbol,… Continue reading

Vogue Paris – “Le Noir Partie 2”

Black is known to be an imposing color so it is a common sight on television and movie characters whose goal is to strike fear in the hearts and minds of the viewers.… Continue reading

Vogue Paris – “Le Noir Partie 1”

They say black is beautiful and it has never really gone out of style. No matter how many people say pink or whatever is the new black, it still remains as the uniform… Continue reading

DSECTION – “Princes of New York”

It’s almost time for New York Fashion Week and DSECTION is featuring some of the hottest male models that are expected to walk the runways. Photographer Kristiina Wilson captured Charlie France, River Viiperi,… Continue reading

W Magazine – “Dame of Thrones”

Some people fantasize about living in the Middle Ages where they can watch bold knights vie for the attention of fair maidens by jousting. It’s true that this time in history can be… Continue reading

W Magazine – “Spellbound”

We all went through our childhood being fascinated with tales of faeries and magic. Back then I wondered how it would feel like to be spirited away to a world where I can… Continue reading

LOVE – “Fawnicate”

What is beauty to you? Is it the classical portrayal of beauty by the media or is it the odd, strange and bizarre? No matter how you define it, beauty is in the… Continue reading