“Fashion Shower” by Anna dello Russo for H&M


Some people are born with multiple talents. Leonardo da Vinci, for example, is a polymath who is known for his skills in painting, sculpting, and inventing (although he had other talents in music, architecture, anatomy, cartography and many others). Today’s fashion equivalent is probably Vogue Japan’s Editor-at-Large Anna Dello Russo. The Italian fashionista is known in the fashion world as an accomplished stylist, perfumer, accessory designer and.. rapper?

Anna Dello Russo’s line of accessories with Swedish retailer H&M will go on sale October 4 and to keep people interested in the line, Anna and the company releases a music video called “Fashion Shower”. The music video is directed by Alex Turvey and it features Anna rapping her tips on fashion to a kitschy electro-pop tune. One of her tips say that “fashion is always uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable you never get the look”. Do you agree?