Carbon Copy – “Boys Don’t Cry”

They say that boys aren’t supposed to cry, but I think that’s rubbish. There are plenty of reasons that can make a boy shed a tear, like getting a make-over like those girls on Top Model. Well I’ve never seen guys get emotional over hair, but this editorial from Carbon Copy plays on that idea by having male models cry and be gorgeous at the same time. Titled “Boys Don’t Cry”, it is a hair and grooming story featuring male models Mark Westinghouse, Brendan Washington, Will Brewer, Brennan Steines, Jon Paul, Bryce Matias, Adam Caldera, Ricardo Figueiredo and Brendan Wrightson having their haircut at the Blind Barber in New York City. The boys are also wearing fashion from Alexander McQueen, Topman, Thom Browne and many others styled by Jonathan Nelson while photographer Adam Gardiner captured the images for Carbon Copy’s 15th issue.