i-D Magazine – “If You Don’t Know What A Word Means Look It Up In The Dictionary”

When I was in the seventh grade my teacher gave me a simple but valuable advice when she learned I wanted to be a writer. “If you don’t know what a word means then look it up in the dictionary” she said. I’ve always followed her advice so I don’t come off as a fool or a pretentious idiot when people read my work. This editorial from i-D Magazine made me remember my old teacher for the title is the advice she gave me all those years ago, but to be honest I’m not sure how the title fits the images in this editorial. The editorial features male models Graham Reese, Kevin Mertens, Cole Mohr and Miles Langford garbed in sportswear mixed with fashionable pieces from Damir Doma, Valentino, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci and many others styled by Alastair McKimm.The images are captured in New York City’s Trais Gallery by Colin Dodgson for i-D’s “The Wise Up Issue”.