Vogue Japan – “How To Vogue For Vogue”

Voguing is a style of dance that makes use of angular body movements that resemble model-like poses. This dance got it’s name from the magazine and gained mainstream exposure when it was featured in Madonna’s “Vogue” music video in 1990 so it’s about time that an editorial inspired by voguing gets to grace the pages of a Vogue magazine. Vogue Japan taps Joan Smalls to star in the editorial “How To Vogue For Vogue” with some expert vogue dancers as her back-up. The Puerto Rican model is styled by Fashion Director George Cortina in pieces from Tom Ford, Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela and many others. The fun-looking images are shot by American photographer Terry Richardson for Vogue Japan’s January 2013 issue.

Click here to view this issue’s cover with Joan also shot by Terry.