Vogue Korea – “Woman In Folk Painting”

Woman In Folk Painting1

The theme of the past meeting the present have been already used in many editorials that it can be quite disappointing to see a fashion story with this theme and not see anything groundbreaking. This editorial from Vogue Korea is quite fresh and amazing actually as it combines avant-garde headpieces inspired by traditional Korean costume and fashion that we’ll look forward to for spring. The editorial is titled “Woman In Folk Painting” and it features model Lee Hye Jung looking regal and like an artist’s muse in pieces from Yohji Yamamoto, Donna Karan, Moon Young Hee and many others styled by Seo Young Hee. The images are part of Vogue Korea’s January 2013 issue and they are lensed by photographer Koo Bohn Chang.

Woman In Folk Painting2

Woman In Folk Painting3

Woman In Folk Painting4

Woman In Folk Painting5

Woman In Folk Painting6

Woman In Folk Painting7

Woman In Folk Painting8

Woman In Folk Painting9

Woman In Folk Painting10

Woman In Folk Painting11

Woman In Folk Painting12

Woman In Folk Painting13