Vogue Korea – “An Ume Flower In Snow”

An Ume Flower In Snow1

A flower is a delicate thing that must be handled with care. If it is plucked too roughly then you might damage not only the flower, but also the plant it comes from. If it is left alone without water after cutting it then it will wither faster and lose its beauty. Some women are like flowers. They can appear delicate and alluring, but they can thrive when left alone and will fight to survive when plucked. This editorial from Vogue Korea, titled “An Ume Flower In Snow”, shows model Jang Yoon-ju looking ethereal with a little chutzpah in fashions that are dainty and very feminine. The pieces used in the shoot are from Jardin de Chouette, Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain and many others styled by Lee Ji Ah and the images are lensed by photographer Hong Jang Hyun for Vogue Korea’s January 2013 issue.

An Ume Flower In Snow2

An Ume Flower In Snow3

An Ume Flower In Snow4

An Ume Flower In Snow5

An Ume Flower In Snow6

An Ume Flower In Snow7

An Ume Flower In Snow8