Vogue España – “Cálido Verano”

Cálido Verano1

In the old days rich people are always covered up while those who cannot afford beautiful and comfortable clothing are left with raggedy outfits that show a little skin. These days luxurious brands create designs that not only show some skin, but are made from the skins of other animals. This editorial from Vogue España is titled “Cálido Verano” (“Hot Summer”) and it features Kendra Spears looking strong, sexy and powerful in fur and other ieces styled by Ana Tovar. Pieces from Ramiro Guardiola, Elena Benarroch, Miguel Marinero and many others were used for the shoot and photographer Ben Weller lensed the images for Vogue España’s February 2013 issue.

Cálido Verano2

Cálido Verano3

Cálido Verano4

Cálido Verano5

Cálido Verano6

Cálido Verano7

Cálido Verano8

Cálido Verano9