Numéro – “Blood Sisters”

Blood Sisters1

In life you’ll meet someone you like, someone you dig, just someone you feel comfortable with. You care for each other and you watch each other’s backs. In the end, even though you’re not related by blood, you forge a friendship with each other that have stood the test of time and of the people who wished to get between the two of you. This editorial from Numéro has two models playing as best friends while staying in what looks like an insane asylum and this could be a metaphor for how life can be crazy sometimes that you feel confined inside a padded room that you need a friend to help you get through this crazy world we live in. The editorial is titled “Blood Sisters” and it stars Julia Frauche and Daniela Braga as two women who have bonded together. The two models are styled by Charles Varenne in pieces from Alexander McQueen, Alexis Bittar, Dolce & Gabbana and many others and the images are captured by Sebastian Kim for Numéro’s 140th issue.

Blood Sisters2

Blood Sisters3

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