Elle UK – “New Frontiers”

New Frontiers1

As time flows forward we are introduced to new technologies that makes our life better and our work more efficient. Same thing goes for fashion where new materials are discovered to create pieces that no one ever thought can be made ten years ago. New techniques are also discovered along with the technology to create designs that would seem laborious back in the day. For now we can rest easy knowing that fashion will always adapt with whatever the current technology can help create and that new designs can be created in the future once the machines and the techniques require are discovered. This editorial from Elle UK shows some of the cutting-edge pieces that are created with what we might consider as new technology for now. The editorial, titled “New Frontiers”, features Chinese model Wang Xiao who looks like a gorgeous alien in pieces styled by Elle UK’s Fashion director Anne-Marie Curtis. The pieces featured in the shoot are from Giorgio Armani, Prada, Céline and many others and the images are captured by photographer Marcus Ohlsson for Elle UK’s March 2013 issue.

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