i-D No. 323 (The Alphabetical Issue)

i-D Kate Cover1

Many Kate Moss fans out there ardently look out for any magazine that features their idol so they can add it to their collection. Even those who are not fans of the British model will agree that she’s one of the greatest models out there and having her face grace the cover of any magazine is enough to make any fashionista rush to the newsstands. In this case, those who are die-hard fans of Kate will probably buy four issues of i-D Magazine‘s 323rd issue which is also called “The Alphabetical Issue” as they release four outstanding covers of the great Kate. The images are different from one another so it won’t be like buying four different versions of the same image which is a good thing for those who are indeed planning on purchasing all four covers. Charlotte Stockdale did the styling for the shoot and the images are all lensed by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi.

i-D Kate Cover2

i-D Kate Cover3

i-D Kate Cover4