Vogue Korea – “Room With A Garden”

Room With A Garden1

Fashion images are usually shot in interesting places that some some people wouldn’t even dream of associating with anything fashionable. The more bizarre locations are usually more interesting and appealing to people who would see it so magazines would sometimes do a fashion shoot in condemned buildings, insane asylums or houses that look haunted. This editorial from Vogue Korea looks like it was shot in what looks like an abandoned building that was overgrown with vines and shrubs (or a studio with an amazing set design). The editorial, titled “Room With A Garden”, stars models Sung Hee Kim and Jung Sun Jin who look innocent in floral headpieces and fashion selected by Lee Ji Ah. The pieces used in the shoot are from Lie Sang Bong, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and many others and the images are lensed by photographer Bo Lee for Vogue Korea’s February 2013 issue.

Room With A Garden2

Room With A Garden3

Room With A Garden4

Room With A Garden5

Room With A Garden6

Room With A Garden7

Room With A Garden8