Numéro – “La Bohème”

La Bohème1

Many people want to go wild and be free of the conventional rules that govern their everyday lives. Unless, of course, you’re happy repeating your boring routine while working behind a desk and doing a job you actually hate. Many people dream of living a bohemian lifestyle and it usually comes with fashion that are loose and not so uptight. This editorial from Numéro is titled “La Bohème” and it features Polish model Kasia Struss looking fabulous like a Parisian artist. Stylist Bill Mullen put the look together with pieces from Talbot Runhof, Emilio Pucci, Chanel and many others. The images are lensed by American photographer Greg Kadel and are part of Numéro’s 142nd issue.

La Bohème2

La Bohème3

La Bohème4

La Bohème5

La Bohème6

La Bohème7

La Bohème8

La Bohème9

La Bohème10

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