Vogue Japan – “The Ritual of The City”

The Ritual of The City1

Tourists who come to Japan have a lot of choices when picking which location or landmark to visit. Most love going on sightseeing tours to see the ancient castles and the iconic Mount Fuji. There are also those who prefer to stay inside the city and enjoy what they have to offer. In this editorial from Vogue Japan, let Tao Okamoto be your tour guide as you both navigate the streets of Tokyo and enjoy the sights of the city. The editorial, titled “The Ritual of The City”, features the Japanese supermodel in fashions selected by Saori Masuda while walking the streets, visiting the shrine and going to the market. Pieces from Fendi, Wolford, Chaumet and many others are used in the shoot while photographer HB Nam lensed the images for Vogue Japan’s August 2013 issue.

The Ritual of The City2

The Ritual of The City3

The Ritual of The City4

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