Vogue Japan – “A Furry Affair”

A Furry Affair1

It’s that time of the year when the air gets a bit chilly so we start wearing something that will make us a little warmer. For some people, warm clothing means anything made with fur and though this could anger animal rights activists, they are still worn simply because they are fabulous and they exude class and glamor. This editorial from Vogue Japan is titled “A Furry Affair” and it features Catherine McNeil looking sensual in luxurious fur coats and other pieces chosen by stylist Patti Wilson from Rue Du Mail, Marc Jacobs, Mugler and many others. Australian photographer Emma Summerton captured the images for Vogue Japan’s September 2013 issue.

A Furry Affair2

A Furry Affair3

A Furry Affair4

A Furry Affair5

A Furry Affair6

A Furry Affair7

A Furry Affair8

A Furry Affair9