Vogue Italia – “Brooklyn Dandies”

Brooklyn Dandies1

Fashion editorials that are memorable and leave an impact do so because it allows readers to escape into the picture. It could be an escape to the beautiful scenery in the background, an escape to a different time or era or simply an escape from one’s own problems. These editorials capture the reader’s attention and holds it longer than any other picture if it is done properly. This editorial from Vogue Italia offers an escape to a time when women collectively rejected post-war austerity in the 1950s and looked back to the fashions of the Edwardian era. The editorial is titled “Brooklyn Dandies” and it shows models Edie Campbell, Ashleigh Good, Ondria Hardin, Julia Nobis and Antonia Wesseloh in head-turning fashions selected by Karl Templer from Alexander McQueen, Comme des Garçons, Miu Miu and many others. Steven Meisel lensed the images and the editorial is part of Vogue Italia’s October 2013 issue.

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