Vogue China – “Quirky Girl”

Quirky Girl1

She turns heads when she walks into a room. There’s something about her that fascinates people around her though they’re not sure what it is exactly. A je ne sais quoi. A peculiarity in her character. Maybe it is her fashion sense that interests people. Not everyone can wear the things she wears and she carries it so well. This is all too familiar with girls that we call quirky. Du Juan may no be the first person in mind when the word is mentioned and yet she still does it justice in this editorial from Vogue China. The editorial, titled “Quirky Girl”, shows the Chinese supermodel looking animated in the streets while wearing pieces from Chanel, Miu Miu, Lanvin and many others picked by stylist Candy Lee. The images are photographed by David Bellemere and are part of Vogue China’s February 2014 issue.

Quirky Girl2

Quirky Girl3

Quirky Girl4

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Quirky Girl8