Vogue Germany – “Femme Universelle”

Femme Universelle1

Anita Berber is a German actor, dancer and writer who shook things up in Berlin during the 1920s. Everybody knew her as the androgynous beauty who performed nude and she challenged taboos at the time which made her notorious. Her notoriety, combined with her beauty, drew people to her performances and enchanted men and women around her. This editorial from Vogue Germany pays homage to Anita with this season’s looks that would make anybody feel like they’re in the Weimar period. The editorial, titled “Femme Universelle” (“Universal Woman”), stars Estonian model Katlin Aas who is channeling the German icon in pieces from Francesco Scognamiglio, Gucci, Blumarine and many others. Vogue German’s Editor-in-Chief Christiane Arp put the looks together while Italian photographer Giampaolo Sgura captured the images. The editorial is part of Vogue Germany’s February 2014 issue.

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