Dazed & Confused – “Free Spirit”

Free Spirit1

What makes a woman a darling of fashion in Hollywood? First of all, they should know how to act. Not just any type of acting but they must be able to convince their audience that they are their role and they must be able to make their audience feel their joy, pain, or whatever it is they are feeling. Next is that they should be able to carry whatever they’re wearing very well that designers want to dress her for when she steps into the red carpet. We have a few of those already, but the world can make room for one more and we are all excited for Lupita Nyong’o. After her heart-wrenching performance in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave and starring along other bright stars in a Miu Miu campaign, this editorial and accompanying article, titled “Free Spirit”, from Dazed & Confused has everyone wanting to see more of the Kenyan actor of what she’ll bring in film and in fashion. Lupita is dressed by Robbie Spencer in pieces from Céline, Hussein Chalayan, Dior and many others while British photographer Sharif Hamza captured the images for Dazed & Confused’s February 2014 issue.

Click here to view this issue’s cover featuring Lupita in Prada which is also shot by Sharif Hamza.

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