Vogue Paris – “Pretty Edie”

Pretty Edie1

Edie Campbell was hailed as 2013’s Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards and there’s a reason why. She is everywhere from major magazine covers and editorials to ad campaigns from prominent fashion houses. She’s always visible on the catwalk during Fashion Week and though she’s not as known as Cara Delevingne before her win, she’s well on her way now to becoming a household name. Plus the fact that she’s really pretty and this editorial from Vogue Paris shows she’s got the chops and she’s deserving of the title. The editorial, titled “Pretty Edie”, shows the British model looking gorgeous and nonchalant in fashions from Bottega Veneta, Jean Paul Gaultier, Isabel Marant and many others. Vogue Paris’ Editor-in-Chief Emmanuelle Alt and the images are lensed for the magazine’s February 2014 issue of photographer David Sims.

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