Vogue Thailand – “Tribal Council”

Tribal Council1

If you’re a woman who happened to be stranded in the middle of the jungle and you have your makeup kit with you, what kind of looks will you do o your face if you’re not busy trying to survive? Will you go for the natural look with as little makeup as possible? Will you go for tribal chic to mimic the tribesmen you’ll meet? Or will you just go au naturel? In this beauty editorial from Vogue Thailand, model Roosmarijn de Kok tries on different high fashion tribal looks with makeup that are sure to fly off the shelves this season. The editorial is titled “Tribal Council” and Jirat Subpisankul spiced things up with fashions selected from Pucci, Hermès and Fendi. The images are all captured by Tony Potts for Vogue Thailand’s February 2014 issue.

Tribal Council2

Tribal Council3

Tribal Council4

Tribal Council5

Tribal Council6

Tribal Council7

Tribal Council8

Tribal Council9