Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Details – “Street Style”

Many people look up to top models when it comes to deciding what clothes to wear. If you’re asking why, it’s because models have to look good and to feel good while they’re… Continue reading

Details – “White”

Sometimes a man can look his best when he’s being simple with what he’s wearing. White is perhaps the simplest color out there and when you combine this with simple designs then what… Continue reading

Elle España – “Mrs. Jackson”

I have said in my previous post that music and fashion go together. Sometimes we imitate the style of the musicians we emulate that people can guess who we’re listening to. For example,… Continue reading

Elle España – “Ritmo Hip Hop”

Music and fashion always go together and people who listen to one genre can usually be identified through what they’re wearing. For example, those who listen to rock music tend to wear black… Continue reading

Numéro – “Nymphe”

Spring is the favorite season for sweet and soft pastel colors to come out of the closet. Light and breezy outfits in these colors are usually the uniform of choice by many fashionistas… Continue reading

Numéro – “La Chair de l’orchidée”

Sometimes an editorial can be inspired by a title of a film or a novel but the editorial itself is far from the mood the title it was inspired by evokes.Sometimes an can… Continue reading

Numéro -“Les Diaboliques”

The Devil can take on many forms in order to tempt anybody to sin. He can appear as a smoldering temptress or a storming demon. Karl Lagerfeld’s latest editorial for Numéro, the Devil… Continue reading

Numéro # 151

Numéro releases two covers for their 151th issue with photographer and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld lensing both covers. Danish model Nadja Bender graces one cover while Dutch model Saskia de Brauw fronts the… Continue reading

CR Fashion Book – “Ferocious”

Almost everybody knows the story of Beauty and the Beast and how a beautiful young woman’s unconditional love broke the spell placed on a young prince who was turned into a monster. This… Continue reading

Interview Germany – “Simply The Best!”

Some pieces stand out for us whenever we watch a fashion show. Sometimes these pieces stick in our heads for a while that we can’t stop not thinking about it whenever the designer’s… Continue reading