GQ España – “Y Ahora.. Noticias Elegantes”

Y Ahora.. Noticias Elegantes1

One of the most respected people in the world are those working in the media especially those seen delivering the news. Sure you might disagree with them whenever they state their opinion over something and sometimes they even draw the ire of many people who listen to them, but at the end of the day, you still look to them and appreciate the fact that they’re telling you what you need to know that’s happening right now. Newscasters also have to look elegant and professional while delivering the news in order to appear credible and this editorial from GQ España show some of the hottest looks that will make any man look elegant and professional whether they’re working in the media or not. The editorial is titled “Y AHora.. Noticias Elegantes” (“And Now.. Elegant News”) and it stars male model Carlos San Roman who looks believable as a credible newscaster in pieces from Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Loewe and many others styled by Jesús Cicero. Photographer JC de Marcos captured the images and the editorial is part of GQ España’s February 2014 issue.

Y Ahora.. Noticias Elegantes2

Y Ahora.. Noticias Elegantes3

Y Ahora.. Noticias Elegantes4

Y Ahora.. Noticias Elegantes5