Lui – “Jeux d’Hiver”

Jeux d'Hiver1

It’s almost time for the Winter Olympic Games to begin in Sochi and many athletes are doing the best they can to prepare themselves in order to win the gold. While some will go to Sochi to compete, others will be going as spectators who will no doubt enjoy themselves at the Games (as long as they’re straight). This editorial from Lui shows Malgosia Bela as someone who might be a spectator in Sochi but is busy pampering herself and enjoying the sights before the Games start. The editorial is titled “Jeux d’Hiver” (“Winter Games”) and Malgosia is clearly rocking that gorgeous body of hers and turning up some heat while wearing minimal clothing selected by Leila Smara. Pieces used in the shoot are from Fendi, La Perla, Gucci and many others. The images are captured by Mark Segal and are part of Lui’s fourth issue.

Click here to view this issue’s cover featuring Malgosia also shot by Mark Segal.

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