Vogue China – “The Beautiful Game”

The Beautiful Game1

Some people think that life is a twisted game and we are all players in it. Some just play along and deal with while some go against the flow. Some are dealt with good cards early on in the game while some may have bad cards but they do whatever they can do get the right cards to win their game. There are also those players who feel like they should be dressed for the occasion since they’re already playing and for those whose games require them to look good while being in action may find this editorial from Vogue China to be helpful. The editorial, titled “The Beautiful Game”, stars Tian Yi in sports luxe attire while traversing the streets of New York City which serves as her playground. Stylist Yoyo Yao dressed the Chinese model in pieces from Marni, VPL, Sacai and many others while photographer Walter Chin captured the images for Vogue China’s March 2014 issue.

The Beautiful Game2

The Beautiful Game3

The Beautiful Game4

The Beautiful Game5

The Beautiful Game6

The Beautiful Game7

The Beautiful Game8