Vogue China – “Hidden Cabinet”

Hidden Cabinet1

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean the season’s fashion has to spew rainbows. There are those who prefer a little bit of darkness in their spring wardrobe and there are those who like a little bit of drama in theirs that’s not usually expected in anybody’s spring fashion choices except theirs. This editorial from Vogue China is called “Hidden Cabinet” and it features drama and a little darkness in both photographs and fashions worn by model Juliana Schurig. The American beauty is wearing pieces selected by Ludivine Poiblanc from Edun, Maison Martin Margiela, Derek Lam and many others. The images are all taken by Lachlan Bailey and the editorial is part of Vogue China’s March 2014 issue.

Hidden Cabinet2 Hidden Cabinet3 Hidden Cabinet4 Hidden Cabinet5 Hidden Cabinet6 Hidden Cabinet7 Hidden Cabinet8 Hidden Cabinet9