Numéro – “La Chair de l’orchidée”

La Chair de l'orchidée1

Sometimes an editorial can be inspired by a title of a film or a novel but the editorial itself is far from the mood the title it was inspired by evokes.Sometimes an can be inspired by the meaning behind something simple. This editorial from Numéro is a fine example both because the title, “La Chair de l’orchidée” (“The Flesh of the Orchid”), is the title of a 1975 mystery film yet there’s nothing sinister about the images. However, there’s an orchid present in the editorial and orchids symbolize luxury, magnificence and artful splendor like the fashions featured in the images so the title is fitting for the editorial. The editorial stars Aline Weber who looks luxurious in pieces selected by stylist Franck Benhamou from Blumarine, Balmain, Dolce & Gabana and many others. The images are all captured by photographer Txema Yeste and are part of Numéro’s 151th issue.

La Chair de l'orchidée2 La Chair de l'orchidée3 La Chair de l'orchidée4 La Chair de l'orchidée5 La Chair de l'orchidée6 La Chair de l'orchidée7 La Chair de l'orchidée8 La Chair de l'orchidée9 La Chair de l'orchidée10 La Chair de l'orchidée11 La Chair de l'orchidée12