Numéro -“Les Diaboliques”

Les Diaboliques1

The Devil can take on many forms in order to tempt anybody to sin. He can appear as a smoldering temptress or a storming demon. Karl Lagerfeld’s latest editorial for Numéro, the Devil takes the form of two beautiful and alluring models with different looks and styles. You can also say that the editorial, titled “Les Diaboliques” (“The Devils”), is inspired by the two conniving women from the French movie of the same name from 1955 as both Nadja Bender and Saskia de Brauw looks like femme fatales harboring a dark secret. Either way, both women look sexy, glamorous and exquisite in couture creations selected by stylist Vanessa Metz. The fashions featured in the shoot are from Armani Privé, Zuhair Murad Couture, Atelier Versace and many others and the editorial is part of Numéro’s 151th issue.

Click here to view the issue’s two covers with Nadja and Saska who are both shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

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