V Magazine – “Spring’s Musical Mash-Up”

Spring's Musical Mash-Up1

Most people believe that avid listeners of a particular music genre has a way of dressing themselves which identifies them with their music. This is perhaps because of the way the musicians they listen to dress up when they’re performing. For example, those who listen to Nirvana will find themselves dressing up in grunge like Kurt Cobain and those men who avidly follow Justin Bieber nowadays might be seen shirtless with their pants hanging low to show their underwear. Though there are people who just listen to one genre, there are those who keep their ears open and listen to music from other genres that isn’t their first choice of music. This editorial from V Magazine shows how people who like the best of both worlds might dress up to combine two styles from two musical genres. The editorial is titled “Spring’s Musical Mash-Up” and it stars Finnish supermodel Suvi Koponen who looks amazing in the season’s hottest pieces from Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Chanel and many others. Another thing to note here is that two contrasting genres of music are partnered per look and yet Suvi looks stylish, hip and effortlessly chic thanks in part to the styling of Jodie Barnes. The images can be seen in V Magazine’s 88th issue and all images are photographed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby.

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