Vogue Italia – “Frames of Fashion”

Frames of Fashion1

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I think an editorial with seven pictures is enough to tell a story like a short film. Not all editorials can actually convey the story they’re trying to tell though, but this editorial from Vogue Italia has a strong cast who tells the story through their expressions and their body language and a strong storyteller in photographer Francesco Carrozzini. The editorial, titled “Frames of Fashion”, shows models Kirsten Owen, Kate Goodling, Sadie Pinn and Michael Houghton who look like youths who are looking for trouble. It may have been inspired by Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers or it may have been inspired by another film with young characters who cause mayhem. Either way, they all look dangerously stylish in pieces from Christopher Kane, Blumarine, Dries Van Noten and many others chosen by stylist Enrica Ponzellini. The editorial can be seen in Vogue Italia’s April 2014 issue.

Frames of Fashion2 Frames of Fashion3 Frames of Fashion4 Frames of Fashion5 Frames of Fashion6 Frames of Fashion7