Numéro – “Marrakech la Rouge”

Marrakech la Rouge1

A fashion spread is said to be successful if it allows the person viewing it to escape into the picture. Some would say that successful fashion editorials are those who actually make those who see it want to buy what the model is wearing on its pages. In my opinion, an editorial is successful  if both commercial and fantasy elements are realized in the story and this one from Numéro, titled “Marakech la Rouge”, is a perfect example how one would like to escape into the pictures while wanting to know more about the fashions for a possible shopping trip in the near future. I myself would like to visit Marrakech someday like French model Marie Piovesan who is starring in this editorial shot by Belgian photographer Serge Leblon. In this story, Marie looks like an enigmatic beauty while the city serves as the perfect backdrop to tell Serge’s red hot story. Stylist Samuel François selected desirable pieces from Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Hermès and many others for the shoot and the editorial is part of Numéro’s 153rd issue.

Marrakech la Rouge2 Marrakech la Rouge3 Marrakech la Rouge4 Marrakech la Rouge5 Marrakech la Rouge6 Marrakech la Rouge7 Marrakech la Rouge8 Marrakech la Rouge9 Marrakech la Rouge10 Marrakech la Rouge11