Numéro – “Hommage à Robert Longo”

Hommage à Robert Longo1

I mentioned before in a previous post that an artist’s work can be an infinite source of inspiration for other artistic ventures and since this editorial from Numéro is an homage to Robert Longo then I can only guess that the images in this shoot is inspired by the American artist’s works for his “Men In Cities” series. The editorial stars South Korean models Sung Hee Kim and Ji Hye Park who seem to be emulating the people in the series with their poses and their writing emotions while looking fabulous in fashions from Chanel, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Alexander Wang and many others. Stylist Bill Mullen dressed the two stunning women while photographer Greg Kadel captured the images for Numéro’s 154th issue.

Hommage à Robert Longo2 Hommage à Robert Longo3 Hommage à Robert Longo4 Hommage à Robert Longo5 Hommage à Robert Longo6 Hommage à Robert Longo7 Hommage à Robert Longo8 Hommage à Robert Longo9 Hommage à Robert Longo10