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Interview Magazine – “Jamie Dornan”

Many people are excited to see Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in the highly anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey. Before he’s cast as the sexy entrepreneur with a penchant for BDSM, Jamie… Continue reading

American Vogue – “Grace Notes”

It is very rare for a newcomer to go and be a superstar overnight by winning an Oscar from her heartbreaking performance in a movie that ultimately won best picture in the same… Continue reading

Vogue Australia – “Wayfinder”

Sometimes what’s perceived to be raw and savage is what is truly beautiful. Sometimes the unrefined is even more appealing than something that has been fixed to look pretty. This editorial from Vogue… Continue reading

Vogue China – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

There’s a desire deep within every single one of us to be free. This is true for all but not everyone has the courage to do whatever it takes to have that freedom.… Continue reading

Vogue Germany – “Diane”

Those who paid attention to this year’s Met Gala and in what the attendees were wearing will surely remember Diane Kruger who looks exquisite in a dress from Jason Wu’s design for Hugo… Continue reading

Vogue Germany – “Kunst am Körper”

Those who are into art and architecture know that the Bauhaus style is all about the creative collaboration of all the fine arts to create something that is not only beautiful but also… Continue reading

Elle France – “Riviera”

Many people dream of spending their vacation in either the French or the Italian Riviera. Who wouldn’t? The picturesque seaside views, the quaint seaside towns, the warm climate and the sunshine is enough… Continue reading

Elle UK – “Who Runs The World?”

We’re now in an age where women are now equal (if not better) with men when it comes to the boardroom. The outfit of choice for most of these women are pieces that… Continue reading

Vogue Italia – “Ridiculously Gorgeous”

Everybody knows that Adriana Lima has a body that almost every man fantasizes about and a face that could launch a thousand ships and this editorial from Vogue Italia shows exactly what I… Continue reading

Marie Claire UK – “Power”

There are many ways for a woman to feel empowered. Some work hard and triumph against all odds to show the world that they’re not someone to be underestimated while others who are… Continue reading