Elle UK – “Who Runs The World?”

We’re now in an age where women are now equal (if not better) with men when it comes to the boardroom. The outfit of choice for most of these women are pieces that… Continue reading

Vogue Italia – “Ridiculously Gorgeous”

Everybody knows that Adriana Lima has a body that almost every man fantasizes about and a face that could launch a thousand ships and this editorial from Vogue Italia shows exactly what I… Continue reading

Marie Claire UK – “Power”

There are many ways for a woman to feel empowered. Some work hard and triumph against all odds to show the world that they’re not someone to be underestimated while others who are… Continue reading

Numéro – “Hommage à Robert Longo”

I mentioned before in a previous post that an artist’s work can be an infinite source of inspiration for other artistic ventures and since this editorial from Numéro is an homage to Robert… Continue reading

Numéro – “Sarah Morris”

The graphic works of Sarah Morris serves as the perfect backdrop for this editorial from Numéro starring British supermodel Karen Elson. The editorial, which is named after the British-American artist, features Karen in… Continue reading

Numéro – “Ida Tursic et Wilfried Mille”

An artist’s work can be a source of inspiration for many other works of art. In this case, Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille’s “The Weeds” is a good source for this editorial from… Continue reading

Numéro – “Alex Israel”

French supermodel Constance Jablonski plays Alex Israel’s muse in Numéro‘s editorial that is inspired by the Los Angeles based artist while wearing nothing but sunglasses and body paint whose style and colors are… Continue reading

Numéro # 154

Numéro goes all out with their three covers for the 154th issue by tapping supermodels Constance Jablonski, Karen Elson and Sasha Luss who each get a cover. The issue has an art theme… Continue reading

Vogue India – “Match Point”

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when one finds out they’re invited to an Indian themed wedding? Some might think of elephants and a grand Bollywood production while others would think… Continue reading

Vogue India – “Settle The Score”

The FIFA World Cup fever has once again taken the whole world by storm (or at least in parts where football is a beloved sport) and Vogue India joins in with an editorial… Continue reading